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June 20, 2007



How do Sid and Crunchy hold up in the movie business, being donut holes, and all? Do they crumble if the director gets too pushy? Are they upset when the see their kind served on the Crafts table, next to the nachos?

I am quite impressed with their early work.


Oh For Fun!


Kathleen, I have been working with Sid and Crunchy for three days now, and while they have been consummate professionals, they are not holding up well physically under the pressure of daily filming. I fear I will need to replace them soon. Fortunately, Buffalo has no shortage of young, attractive donut holes, eager to prove themselves in front of the camera. It is a brutal business, but short of expensive and painful plastic surgery, I see no future for these D holes in the cutthroat film industry


FYI Sammy! I figured out how to change the settings so that you can use HTML in comments now! Hooray! Go nuts!


And just in time, too. The hell?


Sid and Crunchy, Sam. Get used to them!


yer the best kind of nerd and I love it.


Oh my god the best part is Crunchy's perfectly rendered askew eyebrows!


Thanks Kristin!

Cousin Mary

Kristin has a fine eye for detail on the eyebrow! I'm afraid Crunchy is a little slow in delivering his lines (pithy though they be). I had to run the video more than once to get the whole message. The electric oboe? Is this some kind of sick, inside joke among classical musicians? Love the use of html tags!


Nice Peep cameo.

Shameless pandering to Interchangeable Parts In-Jokes.

Cousin Mary, technological wonder.

Eagerly awaiting next installment.

Heather B.

Oh, good Lord the cocked eyebrow! It kills me! I watched this five times and cackled at that darn eyebrow every time.


Hey, thanks Heather! Glad you like the Crunchbit!

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