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June 08, 2007



1. Next time I see Danny, I am totally telling him about this post.

2. I Googled Tracy Silverman, and that guy looks like fucking Kenny G.

3. I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to comment on The David Filner Syndrome.

Cousin Mary

Yes, it's a much nicer world when we focus on the "alluring aspects of one another." As I focused on my enjoyment of your post, and on the delightful way your mind works, something nagged at me. Should I, or should I not, continue to comment on the grammar? After all, I got the gist and enjoyed it. Still, you asked...

So here: "Danny became a growing obsession with Courtney and I..." This is simple to fix; remove the words "Courtney and" to let your ear figure it out. You will want to use "me" rather than "I" because it sounds right. It is right because in this case "me" is the object of the preposition "with." Whereas when you write "Courtney and I still have weekly conversations," you correctly use "I" because "Courtney and I" constitutes the subject of the sentence. Subject = I; object = me. I'll stop now because some may be getting queasy.


a while ago i decided to have a crush on my super, Teddy. he is short, in his 50s and his ever-present laughy smile lights up my day, especially when he is buying fruit from the street stand or mopping the floor with sweet-smelling chemicals. would we be good together? probably not...at least not for the long haul. and he is also already married. thanks for giving a name to what i'm feeling, kate! this is the best blog ever.


The thing of it is, I really think Danny is hot. I saw him at CMF not that long ago and when I told Evan (the new Tracy Silverman) that I had a secret crush on Danny, he said "join the club." Evidently, we are not alone. Danny rocks and I think he's hot even though he wore sweatpants in public more than once during that week in Oberlin. As you know, grown men in sweatpants tends to be a deal breaker for me, but for Danny, I'll let it slide.


a note on grammar: when deciding whether to use I or me, I just take the other person out of the sentence. You wouldn't say "Danny became a growing obsession with I." You'd use me. I find that this is the easiest way to figure it out. Thinking about subjects and objects and whatnot makes my head hurt.


cute athletes can look hot in sweatpants.


At first I thought Cousin Mary's comment: "remove the words "Courtney and" to let your ear figure it out." was actually COURTNEY writing to object to being included in the Danny Seidenberg crush. Then I saw it was actually Cousin Mary.

I have a crush on Cousin Mary. I want her to whisper sweet sweet grammar corrections in my ear.

I mean I want her to be whispering sweetly grammared correctings my ear being into.


Shalini, are you telling me that you know Danny Seidenberg?! Like, you see and converse with him on a regular basis? I thought I would have a much wider safety zone on this one, but I stand by my post. Danny is hot. I googled T. Silverman and I can't believe there was ever a time when I thought he was the obvious choice. He really does look like Kenny G.

Mary, I have had a few drinks tonight and I don't think that right now I quite understand your grammar lesson, but please, rest assured that I will NEVER take offense to your gentle grammar policing. I need your guidance. Tomorrow, when all this wine has worn off, I will carefully consider the I/me issue. I am eager to learn. Also, my friend Mike is totally in love with you. You should look out.

Courtney, I hope you don't feel like I am stealing your thunder on this one. I am quite sure that you were the one who first recognized Danny's hotness. Tomorrow I will call you and you can explain the I/me situation.

Elise, The Danny Seidenberg Effect is a marvelous thing. I say, if you can have a crush on your super, why not indulge? I can NOT wait for Apple hill this year. Things are going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S. For reals.

Ralph-Ferris, I know that you are Mike, but I do not understand the reference. Ethel? I don't get it. Tomorrow I will call you and force you to explain yourself. Cousin Mary is far too good for the likes of you, you poor-grammar-wielding pervert! Stay away from Cousin Mary!

Thank you, goodnight.


I know Ralph Ferris, too! What the hell is going on here?


wow all this comotion! just wait for the david filner syndrome....that is the one I am waiting out for :)


I do not feel as though my thunder has been stolen in any way.


LOL. I know this is old but I was just pointed to it. I've known Danny since 1973 and I gotta tell you, he's ALWAYS been a babe magnet.

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