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June 16, 2007



I think it's easel.


Cousin Mary please do not leave!!!!!!!
that being said....
Kate - I commend you for your brave revealing of yourself and your willingness to stick by your decision despite maybe being too much for others. way to not cave and stand in your truth. you amaze me.
you are a brave soul and I honor you.
see look how much conversation the work Fuck has brought up. the word Fuck has its place in our lives and place even if only to spawn discussion and reflection.

there is a great movie out called "fok"

fuck is making history here is what it says on wikipedia:

Fuck (sometimes titled as F*** or The "F" Word; seen on the poster as F*ck and on DVD packaging a F*ck: A Documentary) is a 2005 documentary by director/producer Steve Anderson about the social, political, personal, historical, linguistic and artistic significance of the word fuck. It features commentary by a variety of individuals, including linguists, comics, artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors, porn stars, politicians, and media personalities as well as clips from George Carlin, Scarface, Country Joe and the Fish's Woodstock performance, President George W. Bush's one-fingered salute to a camera, various Lenny Bruce performances, U2's Golden Globe acceptance, Paul Robert Cohen's protest and Nipplegate. The movie was shown for the first time on November 7, 2005 at the AFI Film Festival.


That picture of the tree drawing is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. It's just impossibly charming!


apostrophe's. tell me about it. i've noticed that spelling is becoming atrocious, too, even as spellcheck has become as ubiquitous as computers. we're becoming dumber as people. oh "no"!

Cousin Mary

I'm still here; I posted a (comprehensive) comment to the previous thread before reading the Trees With Pens post. (And I was appalled to see that I fat-fingered the word 'would,' giving it two dds.) Love the Atrocious Apostrophes! I love you too, Kate.

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