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July 23, 2007



I don't know how I ended up so overwhelmed this Spring, but I did.

Two words: Hoc-Key

Again, I welcome you to the world of Buffalo sports.


I hope your little cabin is free of bats this year.


Pray you're not stuck in Cherubini. I almost died several times trying to claw my way back there in the dark. Oh, and one of the windows is busted. And there are mice. And carpenter ants in the wall that you can hear chewing all night.

Oh, thanks for the heads-up on the need for flip-flops, by the way! I owe you one. Say hi to everyone in NH for me!

Heather B.

Yep, what Kevin said. I believe it's all You-Know-Who's fault that you're feeling so overwhelmed. A girl can only take so much after all.


Sam! I AM stuck in Cherubini! I'll say hello to your ant friends.


Cherubini is reserved for the highest-level virtuoso violists only. the ants are there to sweeten the wood acoustics for better practicing feedback.

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