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July 02, 2007



Good article Kate! I agree! I like your picture better than mine too...at 7AM the best I could manage was 2 black "x"s over theier faces, and it doesn't show up well :) Maybe I'll go mess with it some more.


Becky, I tried to stick with the horns and the pitch-fork, but I couldn't do it! I don't think I can hate him! Maybe later, but not today.

Heather B.

Kate, don't give into the idea that you have to hate the guy. It's not necessary and secretly, most of the fans will be cheering for Chris when he returns to Buffalo, even if it is in a cruddy Rangers jersey.

You really did pick a weird season to get thrown into Buffalo sports. The sad thing is, I think the city did pretty well with the loss in the playoffs considering how much "IF WE DON'T WIN THIS YEAR WE NEVER WILL!" talk there was before the playoffs started. But losing both captains has pushed everyone over the edge they were teetering on and it ain't pretty. I think the "we need a championship" thing is charming to a degree, but it's ridiculous to base your entire feeling of worth on it because ultimately, we have no control over it.

Hey, atleast we can look forward to all the attention we'll get from the boys at the home opener in October :-)

Heather B.

By the way, there doesn't seem to be a link to a certain Sabres oriented blog on your blogroll. This can only mean one thing: Blogging as I know it is over! No one is ever going to read my blog again! I'm going to be the worst blog on the internet next season! I'm going to have to pack up my blog and move to Hamilton! The internet's sky is faaaaallllliiiiiiiing!

(Yeah, I need to go to bed.)


One observation I had about the difference between the end of last season and the end of this season, is that last year it felt like we all had something to hope for. Our players would come off the injured list, we would have a stronger team, we had what it takes to get the Cup, and so 2005-06 may have ended with a downer but it just further boosted Sabres fan into the stratosphere for the next season.

And that's why the end of 2006-07 is that much harder a fall. My long-time hockey fan husband said to me, "You're a hockey fan in Western New York. You will experience great disappointment when it comes to the Sabres, but you will remain a fan. That's how we roll."


Welcome to the world of the Buffalo sportsfan. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...


I've never been one to boo ex-Sabres, but I'm not beyond secretly hoping that their new-found team tanks and they wish they had stayed in Buffalo...A sort of "Serves you right".


As a Sox fan, I feel for your bottomed out sports fan-nedness. I won't say anything patrionizing like "Hang in There." I really enjoyed this post!!


"I believe this "hunger for glory" is just a gigantic chip on Buffalo's shoulder."

"Passion is hope and vitality. Desperation is just pure shame."

This is really good stuff.

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