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July 14, 2007



here is only so much a gal can read about hockey players before she has no conclusion available other than, "Dang. He's a dish." Hockey has made a fool of me, and my long tenure as a strong independent woman of the nineties is now in jeopardy.

Also, Posh and Becks? I love them.

You know I've given this some thought, and have concluded that such things should not destroy strong independent woman status. You're still strong and independent because it's not as though you're relying on these people. You're just enjoying their existence. Totally fine.

Granted, I had to call building maintenance today and have them change my bathroom lightbulb, so I am perhaps not an authority on this independence thing, but I really do think that one can be a strong independent woman while embracing the giggling teenager within. :)


most eagerly awaiting cousin mary's post-- will she celebrate kate's missive of liberation? or will she focus on the shades in the early paragraphs? And what about the use of semi-colon/close paranthesis in a non-punctuation context?!

stay tuned....


oops-- meant "shades of blue"...F#*$&!


I like people who like what they like freely. Like the good folk here at Ohforfun!


In an effort to prevent you from spending any more time than absolutely necessary reading about Posh and her ridiculously overhyped ab-monster, here is a link to an awesome hockey article for you. It's the Derek Boogaard Fight Camp, where pro hockey players teach 14-year-olds how to become real-life NHL goons! What could be more fun?


Seriously, I'm such a hopeless old-school hockey nerd that I see nothing wrong with this whatsoever. I've perhaps been living in Minnesota too long...

Heather B.

It's an interesting thing, hockey. I was never a very giggly boy-obsessed teenager. I mean, I would think in passing, "He's cute" but I just never got stuck on that kind of thing. But hockey brings it out of me even though I do know what I'm talking about (more or less) when I need to be factual and statbitty. I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm just a late bloomer. Perhaps we're showing our independence by freely and unashamedly enjoying the beauty of these men despite what others make think of us? No?

Kate, I'm so proud that your "he's a dish" link didn't go to Chris although a little disappointed that it didn't go to Hank. But Goose is definitely a dish so we'll call it a wash.


Sam, I had already heard about the Boogaard camp, but that article (and more specifically the accompanying photo) is HI-LAR-IOUS. I strongly encourage everyone to go have a look. My strange new love of hockey fights is a post for another day.....

Meg, one's willingness to change light bulbs (or kill bugs) in no way effects one's strong independent woman of the nineties status. I am sure that if pressed you would be capable of changing your own light bulb, but for obvious reasons, you choose not to. It's totally different.

Dice-K: I have instructed Cousin Mary to have a restraining order on the ready. Your obsession is getting alarming!

Hey, thanks Miriam! I do think that you have touched on the key to this whole thing: Like what you like!

Heather, as my Sabres mentor, your approval is very important to me. I like where you are going with the whole "we are independent because we flaunt our girlishness." That is a very compelling argument. Also, as riveting as I find Chris Drury, even I wouldn't attempt to sell him as a dish when on the very same team, we have Goose and Hank. I mean, honestly. Plus, as you know, Chris Drury is now a disgusting Ranger. I have to put him in the dumper, where he belongs.


Meg, one's willingness to change light bulbs (or kill bugs) in no way effects one's strong independent woman of the nineties status. I am sure that if pressed you would be capable of changing your own light bulb, but for obvious reasons, you choose not to. It's totally different.

While I was, in fact, not capable of changing the lightbulb (I tried) in my defense it was a fluorescent light and kind of tricky. Should I need to change the lightbulb in the future, I now know how to do it.

I'm relieved to hear that bug killing isn't a requirement either, as I am very bad at that.

And, somewhat belatedly, I want to voice my agreement on the whole "Goose is a dish," thing. Not to say that Tallinder isn't, but Goose has the glasses and support of reading in his favor.


Oh, and as long as we're running down the list of our favorite hockey hotties, allow me to put in a vote for the blue-eyed wonder that is Mikko Koivu...



I think that maybe for me, your hockey posts are similar to how my knitting posts are for you. Sorry about that.


You can be kicked out of the Oberlin Alumni Association for this.


Wow -- this is awesome. I so admire the fact that you're able to own your strong independent woman of the 90's title while simultaneously owning you lust for hot athletes.

Sam, I loved your description of Becks, which I think is spot on -- "Posh's ridiculously overhyped ab-monster" -- so why do I find that pic of him so effing hott?


Hey, look - no one's saying that overhyped ab monsters can't be hot! If you ask me, it's the tattoos. A lot of guys can't pull off the full-length arm tats, but Becks? Yum.


Listen boys, Becks is hot because he is absolutely disgusting. I mean that guy is filthy. Just terrible, terribly, fantastically filthy. Plus, he's married to Posh. Those two are the complete "utterly wrong" package.

Neil, the Oberlin Alumni Association knows better than to tangle with the likes of me. Just because I shave my legs now, doesn't mean I don't still remember how to stage a non-violent protest and a sidewalk chalking campaign.

Coooourt-ney! I really thought this post was broad enough to avoid boring you! I swear I tried.

Heather B.

Hank wears glasses too but I've only seen him in them once. It made an impression though because that was the moment I actually said outloud (to my husband), "Holy smokes, how did I not know Hank was so good-looking?" I don't know how he feels about reading though.

Mikko's cute. Those Koivu brothers are dolls.


Heather, glasses are always a sign of intelligence, and smart people love to read. Hank is a bookworm, I'm sure.


I actually really enjoyed the first two thirds of this post. I'm all about strong, independent women of the nineties. Oh, by they way, I think it was Megan who coined the phrase. I also have to say that I think I might be more interested in hockey than Posh and Becks.


Admit it, you love them too.

Well, I could love one of them...


Oho, Kevin! I never would have pegged you as the chiseled abs and tattoo type...


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