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August 27, 2007



how can she live with herself?
what a tool!

Cousin Mary

Hmmmm... I wish she could have expanded a little more. Would love to know what she thinks the US (if that is who she means by 'us' and 'our') should do for South Africa and the Eye Rack. But perhaps she thinks she lives in the South Africa part of the US? Does she have a map?


"...our education over here, in the U.S. should help the U.S."

This young lady expresses the convictions of a futuure policy maker for American educaiton.


Perhaps she should become a leader in Spelling Policy, and help me out.

Cousin Mary

Kathleen, If you hadn't posted the second comment you would have gotten away with the misspelling as sarcasm. I was giving you credit!


Holy. Mother. of. God.


Kate, dear sis, please make another post about the Great Minnesota Get-Together while you are home cause I really wish I could go to the fair.

Hi Cousin Mary! I love the family participation.


US Americans out of the Eye-rack

Cousin Mary

Hi Ellie! We went to the fair last Saturday. So much fun; I love the fair. Watched the amateur talent contest at one of the bandshells, saw the horses, did not enjoy the food very much however. We got caught in the crush of those who were trying to get a glimpse of Fergie (not the erstwhile Duchess of York, but a cute young singer, I guess) at one of the radio station booths. Unbelievable; we almost could not move. Who is Fergie? I'm out of the teen-stream.

The Fine Arts and Creative Arts were awesome; also the Miracle of Life building where farm animals give birth and you can watch. Later you can pet the baby critters. I enjoyed the company of a 2 1/2 yr old girl, who loved the babies, as did I.

Heather B.

All week we kept hearing about Miss South Carolina but because we were away from the internet, we couldn't actually see it. This was completely killing me and my brother. The look on Slater's face is really the clincher. When Slater is looking at you like he thinks you might be an idiot... you might be an idiot.

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