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August 11, 2007



If it's less than a year old, is it still under warranty? They are pretty awesome at the Mac store about dealing with that kind of stuff. They will practically give you a new computer if it is a young one like yours. Perhaps I exaggerate, but I do so in anticipation of Courtney's anti-Mac tirade that is sure to come soon. : )


I have AppleCare and it has already paid off handsomely. What i'm worried about is the Apple Geniuses willingness to deal with the myriad of application/software issues I am now having. I'm honestly not sure if it's Apple's job to ensure that the software on my computer runs effectively.

In defense of Macs, when this computer is working, I love it more than I really should love a computer. It's unnatural my love. Wrong even.


Remind me again why Macs are allegedly so much better?

(Sorry, I had to say it. I just had to.)


Wait till your PC gets a nasty virus and then I'll remind you!


Woooo-hoooo! The MacBook is fixed!



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