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August 11, 2007



whatever u do, i think "i'd hit it" should be involved. p.s. i will read both blogs. or one giant uni-blog about everything.


This is tough. (The being honest part). But here is how I figure it: I'm afraid you will put good stuff in the hockey blog -- and because you are generally a spontaneous and genuine person -- you won't repeat it here for us. On th other hand, I don't want to read about hockey every day. Your need for two blogs definitely proves that you have become a more complex and multi-faceted person. You have a RIGHT to grow. And many writers have more than one genre. So...do two blogs. If I sense you withholding from Oh For Fun, I will read the hockey blog. It shouldn't be all YOUR responsibility to make this relationship work. Kathleen


I guess if there is ever any doubt about which blog a post belongs in, I could just publish it in both. Thanks for your input, Kath!

Elise, I assure you, "I'd hit it" (thanks to Sportsquee), is here to stay.


Oh...if I could count the number of "2nd" blogs I've had. ;) At one point in time I was too *political* and my friends were starting to gaze over my posts so I started the second blog, which lasted for a while...the dating blog, the writing/reading blog (which I still have) ah, so many blogs so little time to blog!

If you want to do it you should! Just remind people over here when you post something over *there* and include a link if you like!

Cousin Mary

I'm with Kathleen. My first thought was that there might be less of you in Oh For Fun, and we'd be missing something. I've tried to get into the hockey stuff, but it drains me instantly, so that won't work. But it sounds like you have the stuff (the Right Stuff!) to blog with for both. The point about more than one genre is an excellent one. Way to be incisive, Kathleen!


Always room for one more sports blog. If you stick around for more than a month you'll be in the top 1% of Buffalo sports blogs, by the way.

And if you do it, you automatically become my blog crush.


go kitty go!!!!
i say 2 blogs
and i will read both


I think the freedom of blogging about something without censoring yourself to avoid boring your usual audience is a great reason to start a separate topical blog. Just avoiding the self-editing and urge to dumb down technical Hockeyfied stuff will be worth it to you.

I hope OFF doesn't get fewer posts, but I bet it will even out after a bit even if it does. Will the new masthead involve googley-eyed pucks?


2 blogs, if not even more.

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