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August 14, 2007



I'm all for the balm. It does make more sense. Something being the bomb would imply bad things, but the balm is really just a lubricant and that is usually a good thing.


Maybe by reading it, I will learn something about hockey.


It's highly doubtful Neil.


Excerpts from the Urban dictionary - results for The Bomb:
1. A phrase, which much like Courtney Love, was only popular during the early nineties. At the time, it meant "exceptionally cool".
2. The coolness of "the bomb" goes down another proverbial notch, when it is referred to as "DA bomb".
As in, "Dude that party last night was da bomb!"

On the other hand
Definitions for The Balm include:
1. A flamer. Also known as a homosexual who is still fighting his homosexuality.
2. Really dank weed.
3. Anything that is real good which other words cant describe.

Looking out for your informed slang usage needs.


Gosh, when I say them, they sound different. Must be the Canadian influence in my speech ... bawm, bahLm ... maybe you'd better ask a Texan?

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