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August 07, 2007



oh, kate! even "i'd hit it" has no comforting meaning at a time like this. at least we didn't take those pics of you emailing in the deep woods or walk-in. THOSE would have been too sad to lose. i'm so sorry. have fun with the Apple dude.

Cousin Mary

What a bummer! I'm going to back up some stuff tomorrow so that your data will not have died in vain. Onward, Kate! You will live to post again! (Trumpets flare...)

Oh, but, Sid is gone! Aaahhh, rats! Will he come back?

daniel Sweeley

Welcome back Kate. I have one (or two words??) for you......


Mark B

Kate - Heather pointed me here. Very nice blog.

We can relate to your computer crash. That happened a few years back to us, luckily we had saved some of our important docs to disk.

PC's can be the greatest tool and yet the most evil instrument sometimes.


I feel so bad for you!

I am trying to learn something from your computer crash -- on Wednesday I backed up my hard drive. (I downloaded my entire photo library onto my iPod.)

Did the Apple store folks have any magic data recovery tricks?

Hallmark should make sympathy cards to send people who have had such a loss. I would send you one.

At least I can visit Sid on YouTube.

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