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September 22, 2007



Why do they all keep tasting the lemons after they know they are sour? Stupid babies.


No kidding, we do this with Toby because he likes lemons despite the full body shudders & wild faces. We just did it tonight at Red Robin. He usually finished by rubbing it in his hair, which makes him smell nice and conveniently clears any hard-water residue.

Parenting is funny.


Pets getting a taste of lemons can be equally funny!


Been there, done that to little ones before. It's so adorable! (And yet, oh so wrong, lol).

Oh, and are you going to NaBloPoMo again? I noticed the banner in your side bar and remembered that's how I found you last year...I just signed up to join in the event this year. Scary! Hope to see you there again.

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