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September 07, 2007



kate, that is the BEST THING i have read in days...


The funniest part of that story would be if someone then stole your bike while you were taking that picture.


If someone had tried to steal my bike while I was taking this picture, I would have simply chased them down and kicked their ass.

Cousin Mary

Yes, you would have, because you are a fearless badass biker girl.

That picture is so inspired. And the tombstones in the background... oh, I was going to say they're an ominous reminder of what could happen to bike thieves, but the whole picture is so cheery and sweet (you can almost hear a chorus of angelic voices) the threat just won't work.


will you be wearing a cape from now on?


The funny thing is, I actually had that picture already. I took it last Spring. Leave it to me to have stock photography of an angel overlooking my bike!


Good for you Kate! But really, go get a nice Kryptonite lock and next time you'll be able to laugh at them trying to cut it.


Go on wit yo' badassness. You can play the viola, learn all about hockey, scare away thugz.....what CAN'T you do????
you are soooo awesome!
P.S.- I recently found out that I am 1 degree of separation away from Andrew Peters....thus 2 degrees of separation away from every other Sabre. Stay tuned....things are going to get interesting...


Kate, what is your Super Hero power? X-ray vision? ...Hockey? ...Blogging?!


oh my god kate i am so impressed. I do not think I would have been so bad ass. I will definitely from now on, be calling you bad ass kate.


cousin mary said "badass". that's badass.


Kate - Yikes! You are now the online equivalent of our tough guy. Watch out, Ray Emery!


Kate, I love your new blog, but I do think that Oh for Fun is being neglected. If you truly are a superhero, you can handle 2 blogs. :)

Cousin Mary

I'm with Christina. Come on Super Katebits, some pithy, terse and germane observations are in order.


Holy cow! I'm so proud of you, badass! I totally would have been like, "Huh. There goes my bike. It was nice knowing you, Bike. I hope those thugs take good care of you."

As for the creepy backyard, I hear that. Stately IPB Manor is a mere 10 minutes from our old house but for some reason, it's about 8,000 times darker in this neck of the woods. The first night we moved in, we heard something rustling in the backyard -- Schnookie, Boomer and I all shrieked like little girls and booked it for the front door. We decided it must be a hobo (in the wilds of semi-rural suburban NJ), and although we've all adjusted to the lack of light pollution, none of us want to go out back after dark lest the hobo attack us.

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