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September 05, 2007



Technically, the hand booth has been in the corner of the Merchandise Mart for as long as I've been going to the fair (8 years,) but whatever. It's still super-weird.

And I, too, am mourning our decision not to go earlier and risk death by escaped bull. That would have made an awesome cell phone pic...


hi sam!!!

kate, doesn't deep fried spangley mango sound delicious? or deep fried andy roddick's visor?


Those hands are truly creepy. Like the pumpkins, though.


Hooray for the heroic fire hydrant. I read on another blog that the deep fried fruit was actually quite delicious, but it still sounds grossy to me.


Ahhh, the midwest. I still am in shock at seeing the deep fried frosted oreos and twinkies on state street in Madison. One of our friends ate one every time he visited town, and somehow his heart survived.

Did they bread the fruit? Because fruit juice and oil is not appealing. Breading isn't really, either...

Are you still eating tofu?


a quality post. thank god we are out from under the tyrannical hockey thumb for the moment...


Does the Minnesota State Fair feature the cow made entirely from butter? This was a staple of the Michigan State Fair. The trend has not made its way out to Idaho yet, where the best we can hope for is some defunct 80s band to have some sort of unsuccessful reunion.

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