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September 29, 2007



Just coincidentally, "Osmosis" is the official marketing slogan of the Minnesota Orchestra's 2007-08 season. Those who know our music director's name may commence moaning...


That is so wrong.


Practicing is WAY overrated!!


Dear God, let your theories be true!


I haven't been practicing much either and I think I rock. You're definitely onto something.


you are the wind beneath my wings


This makes PERFECT sense to me. It's how I clean my house... Wait, bad example.


I definitely fell in love within 6 weeks of REFUSING to date. What's with that? Now I'm gettin' hitched. I think your plan is fabulous except for the "no more blogging." I will miss your antics Kitty. Hope it all pans out---and when it does, please blog it.


This is a great post. Not to be too cerebral, but I imagine that the relaxation period is giving your brain some space to process the music. Kind of like a good night's sleep helps us absorb the stuff we learned that day.

I think of this because I find here in academia, it's much easier to improve on a draft of a paper after you've walked away from it for awhile (I'm talking months) and re-read it with fresh eyes and some distance from the content.

Of course, I finally got together with my current boyfriend after I realized I wasn't going on dates, because I was spending all my time with him as just friends (he wanted more), and clearly I should just be dating him instead of comparing all my potential romantic prospects to him. So not dating leads to love, I think that could work. :)

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