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October 02, 2007



Thank you Kate!!
This is the greatest post ever...I am serious. Now I will read your Hockey Blog everyday!!!
If Oh For Fun only gets one post a month, and it is anything like this one, all of us longtime readers will be so VERY HAPPY!!
Thanks and best of luck for the new Sabres season!


I heart the roots of your sports fanatacism.


I love this post. It makes me happy. It reminds me of how my love of the Lakers and Dodgers began - with me sitting on my grandfather's lap listening to games on the radio. Sometimes we'd watch games, too, and at the same time he'd play solitaire and I'd watch. That's how I learned how to play that card game, by watching him. I miss him.


I am TOTALLY with Charlie on this one. If we get one post of month and it makes me cry like an episode of extreme home makeover like I am right now, I will be satisfied.
and now, I am now in avid support of your love for hockey. and hockey is WAY better than football.
I do not have a Dad that likes sports,
Molly's Dad got me down to the baseball game here in Portland, and there was something so wonderful about it.


Remember watching the Blake high school football games through the chain link fence with your Dad?


Wow, that is a beautiful post. That word has lost some of its punch these days, but no other seems to fit. Your faces & hands in the rocker pic are so sweet.



WOW. I LOVE hearing you talk about Dad. I think about that note on pink strawberry shaped paper that you wrote him about the dude that got traded. "They all suck" it said. He had it on the wall next to his workbench until he died.

I also love having football or baseball on TV softly. Maybe for the same reason.

this is the coolest post.


It's also pretty awesome that the Twins won the world series TWICE while Dad was around. How lucky were we?!

Remember the We heart You Twins banner we made?


Yeah. Maybe the single greatest post. Ever.

I am fond of hyperbole.

And football. Which I watched with my Dad.

Cousin Mary

I could read this every day. Great Dad. Great post. Great glimpse into life with Red.

the colonel

I really don't know what to say but I feel like I should leave some sort of comment because your post makes me cry. Happy tears though. Thanks Kate.


kate, thanks for such an amazing post. my insides are a weepy, smile-y, wonderful mess...


Thanks you to everyone who commented so kindly on this post!

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