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October 11, 2007



Okay, am I an idiot? She's clearly turning clockwise. I've stared for minutes. She ain't going the other way.


This is seriously crazy. I was able to move her back and forth. It was starting to freak me out, so I had to turn her off. I am sure when Greg gets home from Target, we will be staring at her again.


I had the opposite experience (from you). When I first looked at her, she was going nonclockwise and now she's going clockwise and I can't get her to change back. I don't want to be fruity. I want my left brain back.

Cousin Mary

I could change her back and forth at will, like Joy. I just told myself her leg was coming across in front, which only makes sense when you're watching the image move. Interesting. I think I'll go to bed now, nothing else seems like the thing to do.


woah....it took me awhile. I always start out with right. After I zone in, like those 3D images from the 80's. I get really get going. You should see molly and I sitting on the couch, we both have to make our bodies physically move to make our brains swith...we look a bit special needs right now staring at our computers and rotating our bodies while staring at the screen.


This lesson has taught me that I am entirely right brained and extremely impatient and stubborn since I can't get her to turn around AT ALL.


And as soon as I typed this she switched, and then switched again.

paul mast aka "a real masty man"

i mostly noticed that, in both directions, she has nipples


i'm so psyched to have a left brain! it worked first. weird.


no doubt its clockwise. Can't see the other way. But more importantly, I can't take my eyes off her nipples!!!!


nipples rock


she makes me cuckoo. i noticed her nipples too. which side of my brain is that?


Hi Kate!!! I found your blog!! I am right brained too, and like Ashley can't get her to turn around at all. I'll try again after I have finished completing a budget or something :)


Hi Kate!!! I found your blog!! I am right brained too, and like Ashley can't get her to turn around at all. I'll try again after I have finished completing a budget or something :)


She's turning clockwise. I made her switch once, then back to clockwise, and there she stays. BUT, now I can look at her and see that she's not making full revolutions at all: she's doing 270 degrees in one direction and then SWITCHING back. She's constantly changing her direction.


I feel very rigid tonight. The dancer ONLY turns counter-clockwise. Period. No matter what I do. No wonder I like working in IT.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She's creepy. And flippy. But always comes back to right. (Left for my husband, who was disturbed when she got stuck on right for him for a minute.)


I only saw her turning clockwise also, though I didn't work too hard at trying to see her the other way. I'm cool with being right-brained. I think it balances out my Virgo nature. :)

I just added Oh for fun! to my google reader so now I can be caught up over here!


I saw her turning clockwise at first. Now I can change her direction at will. I liked it better when I could blame my lack of organization and flighty-ness on being right-brained.


This all reminded me of my youth as an ice skater. My sister and I were the only ones in our skating club who would spin and jump to the right. I wonder if that has any relation to this test? Next time you watch the ice skating, pay attention to their direction of rotation.

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