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November 13, 2007


courtney comfort

Usually when you set the clock, you have to have the radio off, and poke at all the buttons in that general area until something changes!!! Mine usually takes me forever to figure out the right sequence, and by then, its time to move the clocks again!!!


This is an excellent post. I'm actually kind of enjoying this Nabloshmomo stuff and I'm sorry I got so cranky yesterday. So far, I'm pretty sure you haven't repeated yourself. If you're stumped for ideas, you could always bring back Seventies PBS and I'm sure you'd get a round of applause.


I am actually quite enjoying NaFooFeeLa as well. I was already toying with the idea of signing up when you issued the challenge, and I probably would have gone ahead and done it even if you hadn't.

And Ashok won't cry if anyone decides to quit.


Okay, I was the coughing colleague and in my defense I did not ask the other colleague to throw me a cough drop. Honestly I think she was aiming for your head but being a violinist she just lacked accuracy.
And is the lunch-for-clock-setting offer still good?


LOL about #7!


The best part about reading my kids blogs is finding out what was in their little childhood heads. Who knew? Carry on dearie!

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