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November 03, 2007



I think the standing ovation thing is particularly fierce at orchestral concerts. I find at chamber music concerts, at least the ones I'm playing, it doesn't happen as often. Of course, if it was Emerson or some other hot shit group , maybe it would. Maybe my concerts just suck.


Not that it would ever be believable from me, but I'll boo next time I hear you guys perform. :)


kate, if you had mad-yawned before haydn this summer, they would have boo-ed! i totally agree with you re: desiring an honest response from the audience. i think my brother may have boo-ed once.

i'm waiting for the Patriots game to begin in jerusalem!!


Sorry this is a little late (I didn't realize you were NaBloBlahBlahBobLoblaw-ing over here again) but I wanted to say that my dad instilled in me early on that standing ovations are supposed to be rare, and used only for the bestest of performances. I'm glad I listened to him because I can remember now the best things I've seen by thinking back to when I gave standing o's and when I didn't. I so clearly remember leaping to my feet after seeing Samuel Ramey in "Mefistofele" at the Met. His performance might be the single best thing I've ever seen, anywhere. I would have been really pissed at myself if I didn't have some way of responding to that in a way that was as special as the performance.

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