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November 24, 2007


Pretty (Postcards from Stumptown)

I love the Nutcracker, Kitty. I thought I would go with my friend Jessie while she was here, but she has bad memories of some kid vomiting the whole time in the back. Oh well. Maybe sometime we can go, and I'll watch you play.


It's fun to play, if you can't see the dancers you can usually see the audience's wee faces, and there's that one viola movement.

That was quite a streak!


kate, my violin teacher took me to see the Nutcracker when i was 6. apparently, it was a tad warm in the theatre, cuz i stood up on my chair, took off my knit tights, and yelled, "i'm HOT!".


The Cracker is all good the first few times, however 24 performances later, it gets a tad old.


Never did the nutcracker? Wow. That's like a singer never singing Handel's Messiah. ;) I've done it as an Alto 2 and Soprano 1.

Can't wait to sit in on all these shows!!!

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