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November 14, 2007



That is spectacular. Data is not a Vulcan (isn't he a robot or something?) but the emotional breakthrough guy IS, which makes it so dramatic.


Data is an android, and his violin/viola playing is not very convincing. The vulcan is Sarek, the father of Spock. In this episode he is suffering from a disorder that causes vulcans to lose their shit, emotionally speaking. Now aren't you glad you read ohforfun today! And yes, I was a Star Trek nerd once upon a time.


next summer at Apple Hill!!


It's in the wrong key, too, which doesn't make a lot of sense, since they clearly used a recording. Still, Data rules, and the guy who played him, Brent Spiner, actually has done a lot of singing on Broadway, so he does know music...


Sam, you are amazing!

Cousin Mary

I tried to watch the video this morning and got a message saying it was no longer available! Classical music/science fiction is now being censored? Oh for awful!


I love it when the Stars try to play, because it makes me feel superior. I'm linking to this!

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