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November 27, 2007



This absolutely cracks me up! I can TOTALLY see you screaming "Happy New Year!" with a huge sarcastic grin on your face. (For some reason when I picture it, you are also wearing one of those cone-shaped New Year's hats (in metallic purple). And some of the guys-- GH, JL, and DS-- are wearing top hats. And, Diana S blows a streamer in my vision after you shout HNY.) Can't you picture it?

Heather B.

Da Capos

Back to the beginning! I learned that in music class today! Go me!

Ron Spigelman

I can't believe I found your blog, you mentioned it to me last time I was in Buffalo when I mentioned to you my blog that I co-author with Bill Eddins(sticksanddrones)I seem to remember this performance but not conducting it, please tell me it wasn't me!
Happy New Year!

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