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November 10, 2007


Robin Parkinson

Me too!


I'm not sure that you get credit for this post.

Heather B.

Yeah, pretty lame post, Kate. But hey, you are cranky so maybe I'll let it slide.


You people are CRAZY! This is a post! I posted.


It's more than one word so it counts...

(cranky here too.)


I hear ya sister, I have been a bitch for 5 days.


maybe that should be my next post


eff nablowpomo


Etymology of "Crank": The sense of "an eccentric person," especially one who is irrationally fixated, is first recorded 1833, said to be from the crank of a barrel organ, which makes it play the same tune over and over, but more likely a back-formation from cranky "cross-tempered, irritable" (1821), and evolving from earlier senses of "a twist or fanciful turn of speech" (1594) or "inaccessible hole or crevice" (1562). Popularized 1881 when it was applied to Horace Greeley during Guiteau's trial.

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