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November 17, 2007



kate! this may be your most brill poste ever! i feel the EXACT same way re: lotion. dreamy. soothing. essential. do you use on feet??


Lotion is wonderful and so is chapstick. I think I'd die without lip balm of some sort. Remember the time we visited Lawrence University and my hands were all dry and cracked and bleeding from obsessive hand washing and you and Leah Maruska held me down and applied lotion to my scaly hands? Those were good times. Now that I'm a big girl, I apply my lotion all by myself.


I'm with Courtney on the chapstick train. I have an entire drawer of lipbalm and sticks. Maybe TMI, but it's one beauty product I would not survive without. So I buy it whenever I go to the store.


I think lip balm is wonderful. I just ordered two dozen holiday tubes from Avon, for use as Xmas gifts at the office.

I don't hold back when it comes to gift giving.

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