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December 18, 2007



...and we love you!!! Congratulations and best of luck with TWC, Oh for Fun, et.all!!!!


Oh for Kitty! Oh for Buffalo! Oh for eff you auditions! I love Oh for Fun and I'm so glad that it has been as good for you as it's been for me. (that's not meant to sound dirty)


Oh For Fun has truly been an inspiration for many of us.

And I hear you about the auditions. I pretty much decided I was done a couple of years ago and it was a huge relief. I ended up taking one this year after a 3-4 year break from them and it was definitely a little easier.


When we all had dinner in MinneSnapolis a couple weeks ago, what you say here today was already apparent. I am SO impressed. Getting rid of the folks behind the screen is huge. I have only my own life experience as a comparison point, but I would say 32 is ahead of schedule.

Your writing skills are exceptional. You are able to do that thing skilled writers do: eliminate the noise between the thought/feeling and the words. But this is the bigger deal -- you took your skills, honed them, and PUT THEM OUT THERE.

I enjoy your words immensely. I don't care where I read them, I just hope they keep coming. Thank you!


Good on you Kate!!! Having been a musician for 20 years and then not a musician for the past 10, I get what you are saying.

It has been a real pleasure reading your blog, and in some small way hanging out with you in cyberspace, and I'm looking forward to checking out TWC and reading more of your wonderful writing.


(Jingle Bells)
Oh For Fun!
Kitty's back!
Blogging all the way!
We missed you so, amidst the snow
And blogging everyday.

yay! miso happy!



As I have told you in person, your blogs make my life better! Several weeks ago when I was feeling truly low and filled with self pity for the upcoming holidays I found the most unfiltered relief while reading TWC. I spontaneously Laughed Out Loud and surprised myself with the joy in my own voice. I felt a flood of good feeling that lasted the rest of that evening. In that moment I thanked you out loud for the gift of your passionately funny writing. You are so special Kate!

By the way, I'm enjoying seeing your car in the garage. When the door opens I think, "Kate's home!"


I am sitting here in Moretown,VT reading this post and crying with joy at this point. Oh friend of mine, I am so happy for you, the years and years of conversations on how to spice up your life have come to a close for the time being and for this I am happy down to my toes and back for you. I love you so much.
Way to stick with it girlfriend. What a relief you must feel. You truly have found piece. Congratulations. I love you.

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